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January 21, 2009 at 3:29 am | Posted in weddings | 2 Comments

getting married. it is a priceless time in your life. I tell all my brides to soak it in. God willing you will never have a day like this again. This is your day – you are a princess. Of course, getting a photographer that will capture the details of the day is SO important! In my opinion, if you can only splurge on one thing-this would be it! When the day is done-the memories are in your heart but your pictures are all you have to look at! Here are some tips for this priceless day.

1. Desired Moments. Think about what images you want to walk away with.What are the most important moments and who are the most important people? Write down your top 20 and share them with your photographer.

2. Key Words. Give your photographer 4 words that describe what you envision for your wedding–intimate, fun, casual, elegant, warm–to help him convey the feel & tone of  the day in the photographs.

3. Gown essentials. Your gown needs to fit right, make you feel beautiful & be comfortable. If your uncomfortable it will show in the photographs.

4. Makeup essentials. The right makeup is important. The keys are a great foundation, mascara [maybe some false eyelashes?!] and a good lipstick that is close to your natural lip color. Once you go to black and white or sepia images, dark lips and nail polish start to look black.

5. Happy feet! If your feet hurt it’s hard to be happy. Plan on bringing an extra pair of shoes if your having outdoor pictures done so you won’t fret about getting your shoes dirty.

6. It’s all about location! Ask your photographer about some amazing outdoor locations for your photographs. What you think would look good, might not be that great.



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  1. I would also want to add one more thing to this. Having an engagement session with the same photographer will help the couples get comfortable with the photographer and being in front of the camera too. AND you get to have fun pictures of B&G at the wedding from the E session.

  2. YES! that is very very true! Engagement sessions are so fun! =-)

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