stress at your wedding? hiring a wedding planner – priceless.

February 8, 2009 at 1:29 am | Posted in weddings | 1 Comment
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Planning your wedding. Most girls start when they are in pigtails. When I was a little girl I knew two things: 1. I wanted an outside wedding and 2. My best friend, Teresa, was going to be in my wedding. It all seems so easy when your young! […and your curious to know arn’t you? No, I did not have an outside wedding but my life long girlfriend, Teresa, DID stand in my wedding!! =)]

Than the reality of the undertaking hits when you are an adult and your staring at the huge responsibility of planning your wedding [gulp]! I will admit it, I have people ask me what exactly does a wedding planner do??? They have a quizzed look on their face and can’t seem to understand why you would pay someone when you could do this yourself. What they don’t realize is by hiring me [or another consultant] you are saving yourself time, money and unnecessary stress.

There is a myth floating around that has people believing that all wedding planners are not affordable for working-class individuals. Only the rich people can afford a planner. I’ve had many ask me if I only do expensive weddings! My reply is absolutely NOT! They are surprised to hear that wedding planners are very common and are hired by celebrities as well as everyday working people. The truth is a bride and groom will save more money when working with a wedding planner because planners are trained to work within the couple’s budget and negotiate with vendors. Whether you’re wealthy or not wealthy at all, wedding planners are a smart choice when it comes time to plan your special day.
Wedding planners will alleviate stress from the husband and wife-to be, at any stage of the planning process. Many brides and grooms begin to plan their wedding on their own or with the help of family and friends. Before all vendors are even contacted, couples find that they have exceeded their budget. Between running out of money before the big day happens and their loved-ones stressing them out about what they should or should not do for the wedding, brides and grooms are at their wits-end. Once the couple contacts a planner, a common practice is to meet for a consultation, which is complimentary. At the meeting, dreams and ideas are expressed to the wedding planner. Planners are known for building relationships with reputable caterers, bakers, deejays, hotels, florists, limousines and any other service that the bride and groom desire.

Another huge hit these days is DAY OF wedding planning. During the wedding rehearsal you will have a planner there to avoid confusion [how MANY rehersals have you been to where you have had no clue as to what is going on?! ], lay out the plan of what the bride & groom want and executing the plan. This takes away all stress from the couple & let’s them enjoy the day. The planner than sets up at the reception hall the next day as well as confirms vendors, has everything running in perfect order, fixes anything that goes wrong. The bride & groom can literally sit back and enjoy their magical day.

To me that alone is… priceless!


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  1. aw, reading that just makes me wish i could’ve/would’ve hired you to be my wedding planner! we only had 2 months and i did it almost all by myself. i think i did a pretty good job with what (very) little money we had to spend on it, but it would’ve been nice to not be so stressed about everything. especially that last minute fall out with the florist… =(

    anyway, i’m so proud of you and i can tell just by reading the things you’ve written, the passion that you have and how wonderful you must be at weddings! go liz!


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