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May 18, 2009 at 9:30 pm | Posted in weddings | 1 Comment
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wedding What do you do if the church you pick comes with a coordinator? This could be a good and bad thing and there are definite things I would look for in the coordinator.

The first thing I would look for as you meet the coordinator is a sincere interest in you as the bride. This is your day, your details are important and if the coordinator doesn’t appreciate your vision and your needs, this might hurt you.  Make sure she has your interest in mind and is not only there solely for the interest of the church.

The second thing I would look for is passion. Some coordinators don’t have passion for their job and simply do it for the income. This is going to show in their work and the way they treat you and act throughout the day.

So what do you do if you love a church and have a so-so coordinator that comes with it? My advice would be to hire a day only coordinator outside of the church. It may even be something where you could hire an outside coordinator only for the ceremony. I custom design my packages for my clients and many others do as well. This will push the church coordinator to the side so she only has to be there to oversee church responsibilities. Ultimately the coordinator that you hire from outside the church would take over the overseeing of the ceremony.  Having said that, you may feel like that’s a waste of money to have to pay two coordinators; however, I have seen firsthand the effects of a church coordinator that you can’t trust. In the end it’s worth it to be at peace throughout your day than to be constantly worrying about the ceremony & if it will go as your heart envisioned it too.


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  1. I TOTALLY agree with this. For my wedding everything was perfect, EXCEPT for the wedding coordinator at the church. She was terrible and totally stressed me out – I wish I would have hired a day of person like Liz mentioned here. Yes you are paying twice, but it would be worth it to have the peace of mind the wedding of your dreams goes off as YOU want it.

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