About Elizabeth…


Photo by Suwanee Lennon

Welcome to my blog!  Thank you for stopping by and catching a glimpse into my world!!

Weddings are a true joy for me. After I come from a wedding my friends laugh at me and say I have a ‘wedding high’! It’s true–what can I say?! =) I truly believe that God places passions in each of us and I am simply walking out mine.  There is no better place to be than in His will.

This blog will bring you insights on my life & fun facts about weddings. WARNING: you may become a tad addicted to it…. =)

These are some of my favorite things:


anne of green gables.


kindred spirits.



Now…I would love to get to know you! Leave me some love — I LOVE comments!..xoxo



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  1. Hi Liz,
    I love your new site. Happy trails and much success to you on your plunge into making it big. See you in the magazines!

  2. Hi love!! Oh how fun to have a page to see more about one of Lizies loves!!! I love you sooo much…and I agree with Roberto 😉 see you in the magazines!!!

    love you darling!

  3. Honey, this beautiful! It’s just perfect. I know it will be awesome for you. Love to you XOXO

  4. Hello Kindred spirits…Congratulations on this adventurous ride, you will do well and can’t wait to see what all God will bring your way. Love and hugs,

  5. Liz,
    What a great oppurtunity for you! This site looks great.

  6. LOVE the site girlfriend =) I’m so excited for you!!!

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