new era.

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I turned 30 yesterday. For so many years I dreaded this new decade. It felt old. It felt unfamiliar. Yet, as I went into the weekend, excitement rose up inside of me. Why do I fear the unknown? 30 isn’t old–why not  embrace what God has for me in this new turn in the road and not coward away from it? A dear friend spoke into my life and said that God had showed him that my  dreams were about to unfold. A dream of mine is having a wedding coordinating business that not only blesses couples but also is a ministry to the couple. As tears sprung to my eyes I knew that God has his hand on this business. There is no better place to be than in His will.

There are some changes coming to somethingblue that I won’t unveil yet but have been in the making for several months. You’ll just have to keep tuned in to see them! I am defiantly stoked over them and I hope you will like them as much as I do!



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I have been MIA the past two weeks taking time off for some much needed vacation time! We headed out west to visit family and friends and it was a lot of fun! While in Spokane, WA, the AMAZING Suwanee Lennon Photography took some profile shots for me!! Check some of them out and let me know your favorites! =)






Thank you, Suwanee! =-)

~sweet theme~

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Join me for a SWEET lingere shower honoring Sarah Jane! From the chocolate fundue, to the princess throne & the fabulous favors.. this was one shower that you could not miss!



fab favors…




sweet fundue..
Sweet hostess’–myself, Sally and Jenny!
We played a lingere game where you had to dress another girl and
whoever got done the fastest won!
The laughter could have been heard a block away!
pj goddess'! 

PJ goddess'!


Congratulations Sarah! It was so much fun!

happy hearts day!

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I love valentines day! It is one of the few days every year that you purpose to make time to spend with your loved ones and surround yourself in love senses. Of course, every day you should show your love how much you love him/her but in the craziness that life brings–sometimes we just forget. Tonight Rob and I are watching Fireproof and I’m very excited to snuggle on the couch with popcorn and watch this amazing movie I’ve heard so much about. Its the little things like spending time with Rob watching a movie or going out for coffee & having a heart to heart conversation that I love the most. I don’t need elaborate dates-just heartfelt times.

Enjoy this day my sweet friends! xoxo


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There is something about seeing a movie related to brides that makes me unbelievably happy. I am giddy for weeks after viewing and analyze every aspect of the movie. ‘Bride Wars’ was like that for me. Anne & Kate lit up the screen. I recomend HIGHLY that ever girl go view and get caught into the magic. Grab your popcorn and soda-soak it in..and remember “you are dead until you are married!’ [my favorite line of the film!]


enjoy friends! xo

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