the importance of skin care…

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In all the planning for your beautiful day don’t forget to put time into taking care of you!  Here are some tips for you to follow!

Drink water, rest, and drink more water. I know the time leading up to the wedding can be a very hectic258921178_8f17a0ad43_m and stressful time, but your skin truly reflects what’s going on inside your body, and any stress or worry will show on your face if you let it! I cannot stress the importance of staying extra-hydrated during this time as well…this will help your complexion glow, and will also get rid of under eye circles.  I also recommend that brides cut out sugar, processed foods, and load up on leafy greens, berries, citrus fruits, fish and green tea in the weeks leading up to the wedding. These essential vitamins and anti-oxidants are a crucial part in good skin care, and your body will thank you, too!

Embrace exfoliation! This is an important step in skin care that lots of women forget about. I recommend that you exfoliate your face twice a week for the month leading up to the wedding, this will slough off dead skin cells, aid in the skin cell turnover process, and reveal a beautiful new layer of skin that will glow on your wedding day. It also provides a wonderful canvas for makeup application. With that being said, please do not get a facial the day of the wedding! Your skin needs a few days to “heal”, meaning it is possible and normal for your face to be a little red and puffy the day of your facial, and that’s not something you want on your wedding day! Also, if you get extractions during your facial, make sure to do that at least 2 weeks prior. 


Real Wedding:Darick & Kelie

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Darick and Kelie were married at Liberty Christian Center on Saturday, March 21. Spring just emerging, the weather was perfect for a wedding! I was honored to be a part of this beautiful day for this fun couple!! Recently, Kelie’s dad passed away and after a very hard year, it was time to have a reason to celebrate! Kelie’s mom gave her away and the love I witnessed between them moments before heading down the aisle was indeed a priceless moment.

Darick and Kelie-may your love continue to blossom as you continue on this wonderful journey!




burst of color:yellow!

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The colors you choose says a lot about you. Yellows are associated with cheerful, gentleness, tenderness and joy. And I can’t get yellows out of my head–maybe it’s because yellow is associated with spring and yellows are a perfect fit with early Spring weddings when the world is just about to burst into color. It’s perfect for the couple who is cheerful and wants to celebrate, but in a more gentle, refined way. Yellows are also perfect to mix with other spring colors, such as light sky-blues, or moss-greens.

spring shine your face!

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Anyone else desperately ready for spring?! The weather teases me with warmth one day and snow the very next but my heart is already in spring! Daily I dream about my pink tulips emerging from the soil and the sun on my face! In my dreaming about spring and flowers I found this beautiful centerpiece I thought I would share with all my spring brides. =)


How perfect is this for spring? I absolutely love it! =)

whoz playing?

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While there are some amazing DJ’s out there sometimes you just want  a live band. Am I right?! I had the privilege of meeting Whoz Playing? based out of Eau Claire, WI and Madison, WI. They have been playing for 30 years and know their stuff! Give them a holler if you want more information and they would love to meet with you!

Also–all of my clients receive an additional discount when you hire them! Pretty cool, hey?!

love is sweet…

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Who doesn’t love candy?! I mean, c’mon people–it’s fun and delicious! =) Today I had the privilege of helping out The Wedding Genie of Eau Claire, WI with a wedding. They had a CANDY BAR that was unbelievable! While setting it up, we were salivating and giggling with excitement-it was way too much fun for us!! She had M&M’s, pink candy corn, raspberry candies, rock candy, jelly belly’s–the list goes on & on! Along side all the candy their was pictures of the bride & groom as babies eating candy! It was so sweet.       

I fell in love with the idea and you know who else did–every single person at the reception! It was a HUGE hit!! The line ran for about an hour and we just kept refilling jars. It was such a fun thing for the guests to do while they were waiting for the meal.       

Take a peek at the bliss that was my day!

stress at your wedding? hiring a wedding planner – priceless.

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Planning your wedding. Most girls start when they are in pigtails. When I was a little girl I knew two things: 1. I wanted an outside wedding and 2. My best friend, Teresa, was going to be in my wedding. It all seems so easy when your young! […and your curious to know arn’t you? No, I did not have an outside wedding but my life long girlfriend, Teresa, DID stand in my wedding!! =)]

Than the reality of the undertaking hits when you are an adult and your staring at the huge responsibility of planning your wedding [gulp]! I will admit it, I have people ask me what exactly does a wedding planner do??? They have a quizzed look on their face and can’t seem to understand why you would pay someone when you could do this yourself. What they don’t realize is by hiring me [or another consultant] you are saving yourself time, money and unnecessary stress.

There is a myth floating around that has people believing that all wedding planners are not affordable for working-class individuals. Only the rich people can afford a planner. I’ve had many ask me if I only do expensive weddings! My reply is absolutely NOT! They are surprised to hear that wedding planners are very common and are hired by celebrities as well as everyday working people. The truth is a bride and groom will save more money when working with a wedding planner because planners are trained to work within the couple’s budget and negotiate with vendors. Whether you’re wealthy or not wealthy at all, wedding planners are a smart choice when it comes time to plan your special day.
Wedding planners will alleviate stress from the husband and wife-to be, at any stage of the planning process. Many brides and grooms begin to plan their wedding on their own or with the help of family and friends. Before all vendors are even contacted, couples find that they have exceeded their budget. Between running out of money before the big day happens and their loved-ones stressing them out about what they should or should not do for the wedding, brides and grooms are at their wits-end. Once the couple contacts a planner, a common practice is to meet for a consultation, which is complimentary. At the meeting, dreams and ideas are expressed to the wedding planner. Planners are known for building relationships with reputable caterers, bakers, deejays, hotels, florists, limousines and any other service that the bride and groom desire.

Another huge hit these days is DAY OF wedding planning. During the wedding rehearsal you will have a planner there to avoid confusion [how MANY rehersals have you been to where you have had no clue as to what is going on?! ], lay out the plan of what the bride & groom want and executing the plan. This takes away all stress from the couple & let’s them enjoy the day. The planner than sets up at the reception hall the next day as well as confirms vendors, has everything running in perfect order, fixes anything that goes wrong. The bride & groom can literally sit back and enjoy their magical day.

To me that alone is… priceless!


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I have been intriqued with flowers lately. Recently I came across this list that is the language of flowers. It’s pretty cool & maybe will help you decide what flowers to use for your wedding!

The Language of Flowers

Camellia = Gratitude

Carnation = Pure Love

Daisy = Sharing

Forget-me-Not = Remembrance

Honeysuckle = Fidelity

Iris = Health

Lily = Purity

Lily of the Valley = Happiness

Phlox = Togetherness

Rose = Virtue & Beauty

Violet = Faithfulness

living in the moment.

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Just recently, one of my best friends Sarah got engaged! I am so excited and happy for her. She has been waiting and praying for the very best that God has for her and He has given her just that in Jeremy.


Congratulations you two! My advice to all brides is this: Don’t get too caught up in the planning to forget why you are planning; you are marrying your best friend–don’t let this pass you by without each day drinking in the sensation of it.

wedding picture tips.

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getting married. it is a priceless time in your life. I tell all my brides to soak it in. God willing you will never have a day like this again. This is your day – you are a princess. Of course, getting a photographer that will capture the details of the day is SO important! In my opinion, if you can only splurge on one thing-this would be it! When the day is done-the memories are in your heart but your pictures are all you have to look at! Here are some tips for this priceless day.

1. Desired Moments. Think about what images you want to walk away with.What are the most important moments and who are the most important people? Write down your top 20 and share them with your photographer.

2. Key Words. Give your photographer 4 words that describe what you envision for your wedding–intimate, fun, casual, elegant, warm–to help him convey the feel & tone of  the day in the photographs.

3. Gown essentials. Your gown needs to fit right, make you feel beautiful & be comfortable. If your uncomfortable it will show in the photographs.

4. Makeup essentials. The right makeup is important. The keys are a great foundation, mascara [maybe some false eyelashes?!] and a good lipstick that is close to your natural lip color. Once you go to black and white or sepia images, dark lips and nail polish start to look black.

5. Happy feet! If your feet hurt it’s hard to be happy. Plan on bringing an extra pair of shoes if your having outdoor pictures done so you won’t fret about getting your shoes dirty.

6. It’s all about location! Ask your photographer about some amazing outdoor locations for your photographs. What you think would look good, might not be that great.

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