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Join me for a SWEET lingere shower honoring Sarah Jane! From the chocolate fundue, to the princess throne & the fabulous favors.. this was one shower that you could not miss!



fab favors…




sweet fundue..
Sweet hostess’–myself, Sally and Jenny!
We played a lingere game where you had to dress another girl and
whoever got done the fastest won!
The laughter could have been heard a block away!
pj goddess'! 

PJ goddess'!


Congratulations Sarah! It was so much fun!


love is sweet…

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Who doesn’t love candy?! I mean, c’mon people–it’s fun and delicious! =) Today I had the privilege of helping out The Wedding Genie of Eau Claire, WI with a wedding. They had a CANDY BAR that was unbelievable! While setting it up, we were salivating and giggling with excitement-it was way too much fun for us!! She had M&M’s, pink candy corn, raspberry candies, rock candy, jelly belly’s–the list goes on & on! Along side all the candy their was pictures of the bride & groom as babies eating candy! It was so sweet.       

I fell in love with the idea and you know who else did–every single person at the reception! It was a HUGE hit!! The line ran for about an hour and we just kept refilling jars. It was such a fun thing for the guests to do while they were waiting for the meal.       

Take a peek at the bliss that was my day!

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