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I love it when a wedding is personalized to fit the essence of who you are as a couple. Who says the wedding needs to fit into a box and be like everyone else? God made you to be who you are—embrace that!

I ran across a wedding program the other day and as I opened it, I instantly loved the program. Why? Because they personalized it and made it theirs. The bride placed a poem in it that she wrote as a young 13 year old girl. It was so completely precious, it didn’t matter that I had never met the bride; I felt like I touched a piece of her heart. Weddings are the essence of your heart and your love that the Lord has put inside each of you. It’s raw and beautiful and when you see a glimpse of it you are drawn into the beauty of it.

So make your wedding, yours. Embrace who you are! I can guarantee it is a beautiful thing!




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