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Dynamic duo…emily4

…that’s what my sister Becky and I are when we throw a party! =)

This past Saturday we threw a bridal shower for my sister, Emily who is getting married in July. It was a perfect day. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again—a good party has to have a theme. Once you have the theme in place, the details flow and it all comes together.

This party was a garden themed & it was PERFECT for a late May get together! The sun was shining on us; the table was set with red and yellow linens and glass wear that was choice for a garden party. As we reflected on the settings we felt like we were Anne and Diana basking by the lake of shining waters…it simply reflected kindred-ness!  Becky went the extra mile and made some amazing dishes! To name a few of the mouth watering dishes included fresh fruit, chicken salad sandwiches, homemade lemon juice, strawberry shortcake & lemon bars.

In keeping with the garden theme I had some great games! The girls had to be dressed in garden wear as fast as possible. Than the finalists had to take creativity to the next level and in teams of two write a poem using gardens, Emily & Danny. Once that was completed they had to recite it to Emily in a creative fashion! That was defiantly a highlight [to see the winner’s you must check out the pictures!]

Emily— I hope you had as much fun as it was throwing this shower for you!



Delicious Delights!


Picture 717

Picture 715

Picture 733

Emily with some of her close friends

Picture 721the game was tight….

Picture 734

…but Becky & Molly took home the prize with their original song poem! =)


The fun gang of us! =)


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