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somethingblue has re-invented to….

Elizabeth Anne Weddings!

You may be asking WHY?! well….branding is super important and to proberly brand myself and stand out, I simply had to find a new name. Something Blue, while super cute,  is overused. My vision is to be the very best and to be that I want to invididualize who I am and what I bring.

Find out more at my brand new site:: and be sure to follow my new blog!

It’s sure to be FUN, let’s go!

it’s all about you.

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it’s NEW.
it’s FRESH.

somethingblue is re-inventing.

because we want to the very best for you…because your worth it.

stay tuned!

Real Wedding: Edward & Charlotte

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It was my joy to be able to coordinate the wedding of Ed & Char on a beautiful sunny Saturday on June 20th! I learn something new at each wedding I am a part of and the joy I feel for weddings only seems to grow. Who else can see the bride moments before she is about to walk down the aisle? Who else can laugh with the groom as joy floods through him as I pin his corsage on? …or the little flower girls’ eyes dance with delight at the thought of walking down the aisle to prepare the way for the beautiful woman wearing white? These are just a few of the reasons I LOVE what I do!

I want to give a special thank you to my sweet friend, Carol, who interned with me for this wedding . We defintly make a great team and I want to thank her for giving of her time and resources! Love you girl! NOW–enjoy a small peek of the day! =)


Flowers surrounded by Love!




Carol & I so tired after a long day!

But it all makes it so worth it when you see this look…=)

Congrats you two!!


new era.

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I turned 30 yesterday. For so many years I dreaded this new decade. It felt old. It felt unfamiliar. Yet, as I went into the weekend, excitement rose up inside of me. Why do I fear the unknown? 30 isn’t old–why not  embrace what God has for me in this new turn in the road and not coward away from it? A dear friend spoke into my life and said that God had showed him that my  dreams were about to unfold. A dream of mine is having a wedding coordinating business that not only blesses couples but also is a ministry to the couple. As tears sprung to my eyes I knew that God has his hand on this business. There is no better place to be than in His will.

There are some changes coming to somethingblue that I won’t unveil yet but have been in the making for several months. You’ll just have to keep tuned in to see them! I am defiantly stoked over them and I hope you will like them as much as I do!

Real Wedding…Daniel & Casey

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As promised…some of my favorite pictures of Daniel & Casey’s wedding! Aren’t they adorable?!



what was your favorite wedding?

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…this is a difficult question to answer because I have had the great oppertunity to work with so many clients who are truly happy and in love. My favorite wedding memories are favorites because of the people I’ve worked with, not because they’ve had a million dollars to spend on flowers and fireworks.

However; today, I would like to mention one of my truly favorite couples: Casey & Daniel. One year ago, today, I had the pleasure of coordinating their wedding day. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been a part of because not only do they share such a deep love for one another, they also have an even deeper love for God.

Casey reminded me of Cinderella. She arrived in a horse drawn carriage after Daniel had rung the bell for his bride. She simply glowed and the ear to ear grin on Daniel’s face was one of the sweetest moments I witnessed.

I simply love this couple–they are what make my passion for what I do grow, and make it so worthwhile. Stay tuned this week for more pictures of this beautiful couple as we remember them on their anniversary–and pray for them as they are separated this year while Daniel is in the military.

Happy Anniversary guys! much love to you..


Daniel & Casey


Casey & her dad =)


fun bridal shower

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Dynamic duo…emily4

…that’s what my sister Becky and I are when we throw a party! =)

This past Saturday we threw a bridal shower for my sister, Emily who is getting married in July. It was a perfect day. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again—a good party has to have a theme. Once you have the theme in place, the details flow and it all comes together.

This party was a garden themed & it was PERFECT for a late May get together! The sun was shining on us; the table was set with red and yellow linens and glass wear that was choice for a garden party. As we reflected on the settings we felt like we were Anne and Diana basking by the lake of shining waters…it simply reflected kindred-ness!  Becky went the extra mile and made some amazing dishes! To name a few of the mouth watering dishes included fresh fruit, chicken salad sandwiches, homemade lemon juice, strawberry shortcake & lemon bars.

In keeping with the garden theme I had some great games! The girls had to be dressed in garden wear as fast as possible. Than the finalists had to take creativity to the next level and in teams of two write a poem using gardens, Emily & Danny. Once that was completed they had to recite it to Emily in a creative fashion! That was defiantly a highlight [to see the winner’s you must check out the pictures!]

Emily— I hope you had as much fun as it was throwing this shower for you!



Delicious Delights!


Picture 717

Picture 715

Picture 733

Emily with some of her close friends

Picture 721the game was tight….

Picture 734

…but Becky & Molly took home the prize with their original song poem! =)


The fun gang of us! =)


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I forgot to post this invitation I made for my beautiful friend, Angela! The invitation turned out super CUTE as well as just plain FUN—which really was the feel of the baby shower that I threw for her!  I just love the feeling I get when the card is finished and you just know that it’s fantastic and you nailed it! 😉

Picture 619

church coordinator

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wedding What do you do if the church you pick comes with a coordinator? This could be a good and bad thing and there are definite things I would look for in the coordinator.

The first thing I would look for as you meet the coordinator is a sincere interest in you as the bride. This is your day, your details are important and if the coordinator doesn’t appreciate your vision and your needs, this might hurt you.  Make sure she has your interest in mind and is not only there solely for the interest of the church.

The second thing I would look for is passion. Some coordinators don’t have passion for their job and simply do it for the income. This is going to show in their work and the way they treat you and act throughout the day.

So what do you do if you love a church and have a so-so coordinator that comes with it? My advice would be to hire a day only coordinator outside of the church. It may even be something where you could hire an outside coordinator only for the ceremony. I custom design my packages for my clients and many others do as well. This will push the church coordinator to the side so she only has to be there to oversee church responsibilities. Ultimately the coordinator that you hire from outside the church would take over the overseeing of the ceremony.  Having said that, you may feel like that’s a waste of money to have to pay two coordinators; however, I have seen firsthand the effects of a church coordinator that you can’t trust. In the end it’s worth it to be at peace throughout your day than to be constantly worrying about the ceremony & if it will go as your heart envisioned it too.

wedding weekend

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This weekend I had the privilege of being in my friend Sarah’s wedding.  It was a ton of fun! It was interesting for me to be a part of the wedding and not behind the scenes running to and fro. I actually got to take in the day and enjoy the meal and smile for pictures. =)         I have to admit though; it was hard for me to hang up my ‘hat’ for the day. It’s become second nature for me to be the go-to person at a wedding and to let people know where they need to be and when they need to be there.  The church that Sarah got married at was absolutely beautiful and the day was just what Sarah wanted it to be. Congrats to Sarah & Jeremy!

Picture 668

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